Werner Lippe, jeweler to the stars

werner lippeSome celebrity gossip came out of the Werner Lippe wife-slay trial today … namely that Lippe, a world-renowned jewelry craftsman, made an engagement ring for Donald Trump, baubles for Yoko Ono and NY Giants football coach Tom Coughlin. Outside the courtroom, a spokeswoman for the DA’s office said Lippe also has made earrings for Oprah Winfrey. Oprah!

Lippe, 68, is on trial for allegedly murdering his wife, Faith Lippe, and burning her remains in a backyard burn barrel. Click here to read more about the trial.

We also found out more about the Lippe’s early years today. Faith Lippe was a FIT grad (that’s Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan for the uninitiated) and worked in the fashion industry as a seamstress before meeting Werner, whose two previous marriages lasted 2 years and 8 weeks, respectively. Their home mansion on Little Lake Road was built from scratch in the early 1990s, and they moved in just before their son, Andrew, was born in 1994.

We also found out about Werner Lippe’s vegetable garden, and his battle with various woodland creatures, including chipmunks, rabbits and deer. “I like them on my table, yes, but not eating my vegetables,” he said, offering a lighter moment in the trial.

We also heard about the $1.2 million, 7,000-square-foot log cabin that Lippe was building in Eden, Utah, where he planned to retire. It was supposed to be completed this year. He said Faith did not want to move there in 2008, but he built a sewing room for her in case she changed her mind.

While on the stand today, Lippe had a cold — he spent the entire day blowing his nose and taking throat lozenges. He finished testifying today and will return on Tuesday, when the case will go to the jury.