Today’s SCOTUS decisions: important stuff

With all the bizarre political news and bad economic forecasts dominating today’s headlines, a series of really important U.S. Supreme Court rulings have gotten little notice.

They include decisions on issues as varied as:

• Police stop-and-frisk measures (Arizona v. Johnson: 07-1122)
• Workplace sexual harassment protections (Crawford v. Metropolitan Government of Nashville: 06-1595)
• Pension benefits for divorcing couples (Kennedy v. Plan Administrators for Dupont Savings: 07-636)
• Disclosure responsibilities for district attorneys (Van de Kamp v. Goldstein: 07-854)
• Uranium dumping contracts (US v. Eurodif: 07-1059)

The SCOTUS blog has great summaries of the cases and links to the court’s full decisions. Check it out here.