Accused Yonkers serial killer in court today

Alleged serial killer Francisco Acevedo had a brief court appearance in Westchester County Court today for a status update on his case. Acevedo is charged with  killing three women in Yonkers in 1989;1991 and 1996: Maria Ramos, Tawanda Hodges and Kimberly Moore.

Acting state Supreme Court Justice Richard Molea adjourned the case to Jan. 27. Even though Acevedo was in the courtroom for only a minute or so, Moore’s parents were in the gallery to show the judge support for their slain daughter.

My colleague Will David has written a gripping profile of Acevedo that the newspaper is planning to run on Monday, Dec. 6. David, who covers Yonkers police,┬áspoke to Acevedo’s mother in Connecticut, contacted former employers and landlords and checked police reports. Apparently Acevedo, who is 41, has a history of assaulting women going back to when he was a teen. Check back here for a link to the story when it’s published.