3rd delay in sentencing prostitute rapist

Tyrone Haywood of New Rochelle won’t be going to state prison quite yet. His new court-appointed attorney asked the judge for a few weeks to find a witness he claims will recant testimony against Haywood, who was convicted last year of raping two prostitutes, one in May 2007 and the other in January 2008.

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Both women testified against him at trial and a jury didn’t take long to convict him of first-degree rape and a host of other charges. He’s facing 25 years in prison on each of the rape counts.

Haywood was supposed to be sentenced today. His sentencing was postponed twice before because he booted his trial lawyer and his new public defender had to get up to speed on his case.

He’ll be back before state Supreme Court justice Lester Adler on March 19. The judge told Haywood and his lawyer that if they can’t find the woman and don’t have the right paperwork by that date, he’ll hand Haywood his prison sentence.