For Schorr: PBA of Westchester endorsement

This morning, the Police Benevolent Association of Westchester endorsed Republican challenger Dan Schorr in his bid to upset Westchester District Attorney Janet DiFiore,  who was recently endorsed by the Westchester County Chiefs of Police Association.

The PBA of Westchester is a fraternal organization and is not affiliated with the Westchester County PBA, which is the PBA for county police officers. Each police department has its own PBA as well.

This is the statement released by the Schorr campaign:

“The PBA of Westchester endorsement means a great deal to me and I am honored to be running for district attorney with its support,” Mr. Schorr said. “Police officers in Westchester risk their lives to protect the public from dangerous criminals, but their arrests need to be backed up in court with vigorous prosecutions.  Violent felons receive lenient sentences in easy plea-bargain deals way too often in this county.  I am going to change that the day I take office. Public safety requires toughness and vigilance.”

And here’s the statement from the PBA of Westchester:

“The PBA of Westchester endorses Dan Schorr because of his deep prosecutorial experience and his commitment to fully charging violent felons for their crimes,” said Joseph Giustino, Chairman of the PBA of Westchester Endorsement Committee. “The PBA of Westchester is also impressed by Mr. Schorr’s commitment to crack down on sexual predators in Westchester and provide essential services and protections to victims of domestic violence. The PBA of Westchester is confident that Mr. Schorr will back up the police work of our members and make an outstanding DA.”