Serious problems found at New York state crime lab

The New York Times carried this chilling story about the lack of oversight at a state-run crime lab. More than 100 cases may have been compromised as a result of ann unbelievably incompetent lab analyst who apparently didn’t even know how to use a microscope (and committed suicide while being investigated).

Law enforcement in Westchester should not be worried, however.

“None of the cases in the Westchester District Attorney’s office were affected by this analyst’s work,” DA spokeswoman Tracy Everson said today.

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Westchester DA wants better defense in NYS

Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore wrote a column in our paper today recommending that the state increase funding to the public defense system. It’s an atypical position for someone whose job is prosecuting the people who public defenders reprensent, but she agreed with those who say a good defense makes good justice.
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