State Supreme Court Justice William Kelly Holding Court In The Bronx

With the Bronx courts backlogged on murder and other felony cases, who does the administrative judge call for assistance: more judges from upstate communities.

One of those judges is state Supreme Court Justice William A. Kelly, the long time Rockland jurist and former prosecutor in the Bronx.  He’s been sent down to the Bronx by Administrative Judge Alan Scheinkman for the 9th Judicial District, which includes Rockland, Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess and Orange counties.judge_scheinkmantjndc5-5b5h8ut3eavsd7phezi_thumbnail

Kelly is spending four of his five working days since last Monday overseeing cases in the Bronx courthouse – near Yankee Stadium in the Bronx (a perk for baseball fans aside from the governor).
Kelly will hold court in Rockland County Courthouse on Wednesday, taking pleas, issuing sentences, and monitoring his case load. Holding trials would be difficult as long as Kelly sits in the Bronx.
This is not the first time Kelly has been ordered to sit in the Bronx.
Back in 2008, Kelly did a stint in the New York City borough.

Photo on above left is Judge William Kelly. Photo on the above right is Judge Alan Scheinkman