Cold case homicide trial coming to a close

The prosecution rested yesterday in the double-murder trial of Kenneth West, accused of killing Josephine O’Keefe, a 53-year-old Pelham grandmother in 1983, and June Roberts, a 23-year-old Yonkers woman in 1986, shown in an undated photo here.

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West’s attorney, Allan Focarile, put no witnesses on the stand. He will try to convince the jury that the prosecution didn’t prove its DNA-based case and that reasonable doubt demands an acquittal.

Today, the lawyers held a charge conference with Westchester County Judge Barbara Zambelli in her chambers. O’Keefe’s daughter, Sue Huppelsberg, and her brother, Steve O’Keefe, still came to the county courthouse to keep tabs on the case. Huppelsberg, who lives in Florida, has been in the courtroom every day. She’ll fly back to the Sunshine State this weekend and come back to New York on Monday. Sue is on the right in this photo; that’s her mom on the left.

The jury will hear closing arguments Monday morning and start deliberations immediately afterwards. Zambelli plans to sequester the jury if they can’t reach a verdict by the end of the day.

Discovered DNA delays double murder trial

Deep in the recesses of the Westchester County lab, someone years ago misplaced key evidence in the 1986 strangulation slaying of 23-year-old June Roberts of Yonkers.

A few days ago, someone else found that evidence — namely, a sperm-covered microscope slide  — that could further link ex-convict Kenneth West to her death.

West, 44, was supposed to go on trial last month on murder charges in the deaths of Roberts and of Pelham grandmother Josephine O’Keefe in 1983. But now, the lawyers have to decide if to test the slide, and where to have it tested, because the county lab doesn’t have the equipment to do it.

I’m writing more about this for the weekend, so check on Sunday for the details. Meanwhile, you can read more about the case by clicking here.