Zehy Jereis: The Good Son

The feds have leveled a lot of charges at former Yonkers GOP honcho Zehy Jereis — bribery, conspiracy, and extortion in connection with two big Yonkers redevelopment projects.

But one things the feds cannot say about Jereis is that he’s not good to his mother.

Jereis’ lawyer, Anthony Siano, has asked a federal judge to expand the areas to which Jereis can travel while he’s out on bail in the case. Siano asked Judge Colleen McMahon to let Jereis travel to New Jeresy in addition to the standard travel restrictions limiting jaunts to the confines of the Southern and Eastern federal districts of New York.

Why does Jereis want to go to Jersey? His elderly, widowed mom likes to shop at Middle Eastern markets in Patterson every week. And his Jordanian mother has been relying on other relatives to take her there since Jereis was indicted Jan. 6 along with former Yonkers Democratic City Councilwoman Sandy Annabi and politically-connected lawyer Anthony Mangone.

But she wants her boy to take her to market.

“Mr. Jereis is being pressed by his mother to resume taking her on these shopping trips,” Siano wrote in a letter to McMahon. The letter noted that assistant U.S. attorneys Perry Carbone and Jason Halperin have agreed to the modification to Jereis’ bail that would allow him to take mom shopping.

The judge agreed, too.