Judge delays sentencing Rose

He didn’t want to do it, but Westchester County Judge James W. Hubert postponed sentencing a second time for convicted bribe-taker Arthur Rose of Mount Vernon today.

Rose, 49, was the purchasing agent for the Mount Vernon school district until he was accused of shaking down companies for money in exchange for school contracts. A jury last year found Rose guilty of bribe receiving, official misconduct and receiving unlawful gratuities.

Sentencing was delayed earlier, when Rose’s family fired trial lawyer Carolyn Minter and hired attorney Barry Agulnick to take the case. Hubert was set to hand down his sentence today, but Agulnick asked the judge for more time to review Rose’s file, saying Minter only recently gave him the paperwork.

“The court is loathe to adjourn sentencing on this matter,” the judge said. “(But) I’m satisfied the delay is not the product of current counsel’s tardiness.”

Barring any other unexpected delays, Rose will be sentenced on Feb. 24 at 2 p.m.

Rose was convicted of taking a $10,000 bribe from Tri-State Supply Co., which sells custodial products, after promising its owner he would steer him business with the district in 2006, which he did. He also was convicted of taking a $3,500 bribe to set up a $1.1 million no-bid contract with Ricoh Americas Corp. for digital copiers, products and services in 2005.

Both bribes were considered “donations” to Rose’s spiritual group called Upon This Rock Ministries.