Lauren Spierer mystery: In culture of partying, new questions about why pals let her stagger away, vanish

On the night she vanished, Lauren Spierer’s eye was starting to blacken, she had smacked her skull, lost her keys, her shoes, her cellphone and her ID, and had to be carried up the street on the back of a guy she had met just a week earlier who told friends he had designs on her.
The Indiana University sophomore staggered into a friend’s apartment under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Two buddies – Jay Rosenbaum and his neighbor Mike Beth – said they tried to put an end to a long night of partying by getting her to sleep over on one of their couches. But Spierer, despite being so inebriated or perhaps because of it, didn’t want to stop, they said. She asked Beth to come to her place for more drinks.

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