Contractors admit to not paying prevailing wages; fines

An Orange County married couple who own a construction company pleaded guilty today in Rockland County Court to defrauding $190,000 in pay and benefits from their employees who worked three municipal sewer jobs in Rockland.

After admitting the knowingly refused to pay state mandated prevailing wages, Diane and Kenneth Deaver and their Schenley Construction Inc. must pay restitution of $638,000 in underpayments to workers, forfeit two vehicles and pay $55,0000 in forfeiture to the Rockland District Attorney’s Office.

As part of their plea to second-degree grand larceny, the Deavers will be barred from bidding or performing public work in New York state for five years.


Steve Lieberman

Steve Lieberman joined The Journal News as an editor in February 1984 and became a reporter during the spring of 1986. He has covered police, courts and legal issues for more than a decade, after reporting on county, town, village and state governments and general issues. He received more than a dozen state awards for writing and reporting. Born and raised in The Bronx, he has lived in Rockland since 1988.