Convict and dad accused of bribing 10-year-old accuser

August began today with some serious allegations by the Westchester County District Attorney’s office. A father and son from Mamaroneck are accused of trying to bribe a 10-year-old with a new bicycle and an iPad Touch to say he lied at trial about being sexually abused. The son, Elmer Pinto, (left) is the convicted molester. His father, Fred Pinto, is the one offering the gifts, prosecutors say.

The men could be facing charges of witness tampering, bribery and contempt. Elmer Pinto is already looking at a prison sentence of 5 to 25 years after being convicted in March of first-degree course of sexual conduct against a child.

The boy’s mother is also under investigation for convincing her son to recant his testimony. Prosecutors say she was offered $5,000 to get her son to change his story. If she did convince him to recant falsely, with or without money, she could face criminal charges as well.

The case was adjourned to Sept. 20 so the defense can look into the allegations.