Lawrence Taylor gives views on prostitution after sentencing

When Lawrence Taylor had a chance to speak at his sentencing this week for paying a 16-year-old runaway girl $300 for sex, the retired NFL great had little to say.

“Thanks, judge, I am fine,” Taylor answered when Supreme Court Justice William A. Kelly told him it was his time to speak before sentencing.

Taylor had less to the say to the media surrounding him as he and his wife walked to their car in the parrking lot of the Rockland County Courthouse in New City.

The retired New York Giants linebacker didn’t stay quiet too long about his views and the time he spent with the young Bronx girl he had sex with at the Holiday Inn in Montebello in May 2010.

A few hours after sentencing, Taylor essentially told TV reporter Shepard Smith he had no problem with prostitution on Studio B  when he talked about his arrest last year. (Click video with link)

Speaking to Smith, Taylor said, “I didn’t pick her up at no playground. She wasn’t hiding behind the school bus or getting off a school bus. That’s not my M.O. I’ve been around kids and people all my life.”

His comments came after Rockland District Attorney Thomas Zugibe skewed him for providing a market for human sex trafficking industry that exploits women and young girls like the Bronx runaway who was brought to Taylor’s bedside.

The young girl also told the media Taylor should have gotten jail time for what he did to her and that she wasn’t a prostitute but a victim. Taylor’s lawyer, Arthur Aidala, countered she’s tailored her story to attack Taylor under the script provided by celebrity attorney Gloria Allred.

Taylor’s agent Mark Lepselter wished his client said should have remained silent.

Taylor gets another chance to remain silent or talk on April 12 when he returns to Kelly’s courtroom for a sex registration hearing. He faces being a level 2 moderate offender and his name on the sex registries in New York and Florida or a level one low-level offender and anonymity on the registry.

The Bronx man who provided the young slim woman for Taylor faces federal prison time for sex trafficking and using violence – beating the young woman and plying her with drugs and alcohol.

While Taylor is free to play with his young son and grandchildren in Florida, Rasheed Davis, 37 faces up to nine years in federal prison.

Steve Lieberman

Steve Lieberman joined The Journal News as an editor in February 1984 and became a reporter during the spring of 1986. He has covered police, courts and legal issues for more than a decade, after reporting on county, town, village and state governments and general issues. He received more than a dozen state awards for writing and reporting. Born and raised in The Bronx, he has lived in Rockland since 1988.