Prayer vigil to precede DiGuglielmo court appearance

On Thursday at 9 a.m., friends and family of Charles Campbell, who was shot to death outside a Dobbs Ferry delicatessen in 1996, will hold a prayer vigil in front of the Westchester County Courthouse, where Campbell’s shooter, former NYPD officer Richard DiGuglielmo has been ordered to appear to be sent back to prison.

A state appellate court reinstated DiGuglielmo’s murder conviction last week after a former county judge threw it out. To read about the decision and the case, click here.

The vigil was publicized today by attorneys Randolph McLaughlin and his wife, Debra Cohen, who have been longtime supporters of the Campbell family. Their press release, edited for length, is as follows:


Campbell’s Family Will Offer Prayer of Gratitude to Appellate Court & Witnesses as DiGuglielmo Returned to Prison

The family and friends of Charles Campbell will gather in front of the Westchester County Courthouse on June 3, 2010 at 9:00 a.m. for a prayer vigil before attending a hearing before Judge Barbara Zambelli where it is expected former off-duty police officer Richard D. DiGuglielmo will be ordered back to prison to complete his 20 years to life prison sentence for Campbell’s murder.

Statement from Charles Campbell’s family:
“On October 3, 1996 Charles was murdered in the parking lot of the Venice Deli in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.. On that day Richard D. DiGuglielmo pulled the trigger three times and ended Charles’s life. But equally painful for those of us who knew and loved Charles is that the taking of his life has been followed by attempts to assassinate his character by those who either do not know the facts surrounding his murder or have chosen to distort them in an attempt to justify short circuiting the demands of justice.

We are grateful that the judges in the Appellate Court thoroughly reviewed the evidence of what really happened on that tragic day and have ordered Richard D. DiGuglielmo to serve his full sentence. We are grateful to all of the witnesses who came forward and testified truthfully to what they saw. We are grateful for the support we have received from so many people over these past fifteen years, some of whom knew and loved Charles as we did, and others who simply shared our belief that justice must be served so that he can rest in peace.”

Rebecca Baker

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