The emotional impact of the Lippe trial

Members of Faith Lippe’s family went through an emotional wringer today as they listened to a tape of her husband, Werner Lippe, admit to police that he knocked Faith unconscious with a stick in the kitchen of their Cortlandt home, shoved her body in a backyard burn barrel and incinerated her.

Faith’s cousin, Shari Caradonna, left the Westchester County courtroom red-faced and sobbing, literally leaning on a family member for support. Others in the courtroom hung their heads or placed a hand over their mouths while listening to a state police investigator goad Lippe to confess, eventually driving Lippe to tears. Lippe then admitted to hitting and burning his wife, but said that Faith “didn’t suffer in pain.”

Assistant District Attorney Christine O’Connor had warned the family that the recordings this afternoon were going to be tough to handle. The prosecution plans to rest its case this week, possibly as early as Wednesday.