For Schorr: Follow-up response

Dan Schorr, the Republican candidate for Westchester County District Attorney, had a few words for sitting District Attorney Janet DiFiore’s claim that the judge, not her office, was responsible for David Sanchez getting five years in prison for brutally beating his ex-girlfriend in Thornwood last year:

“Ms. DiFiore’s claim that it she is not responsible for Mr. Sanchez receiving a mere 5 years in prison for his heinous crimes is a complete distortion of the law. A defendant indicted for attempted murder is not permitted under the law to plead guilty to any other charge or sentencing recommended by the court without the consent of the DA’s office. A violent criminal will be free in 5 short years and this plea never would have been consented to if I was the district attorney on this case.”

Rebecca Baker

Rebecca Baker joined The Journal News in March 2004. She covers Eastchester, Bronxville and Tuckahoe, and was previously the state and county courts reporter in Westchester County. In prior jobs, she covered the Town of Greenburgh and Rockland County government and politics. Before coming to The Journal News, she was a municipal reporter for newspapers in New Haven, Conn. and Warren, Ohio.